About Active Scale Manufacturing

We are Canada’s largest manufacturer of electronic vehicle scales and weigh systems.

Active Scale Manufacturing Inc. is a privately owned Ontario Corporation with our plant and headquarters located in Brantford, Ontario. Sales and service offices are strategically located in Brantford, Hamilton, Markham, Orillia and Ottawa to serve our Ontario clients with the supply and installation of any type of weighing device, service, repairs, maintenance, calibration and certification.

Our plant is located 10 minutes from Highway 403, part of North America’s super highway network. Our location enables us to ship our heavy vehicle scale products wherever desired, directly via truck or anywhere in the world through any port in North America.

Active Scale has a proud history of innovation in the weighing industry, particularly in the heavy vehicle scale segment. Through acquired companies, we were amongst the first vehicle scale manufacturers to produce fabricated pipe lever mechanical truck scales, electronic pit truck scales, pitless side rail and flat deck truck scales, and true modular truck scales. Active Scale specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom truck scales to fit existing foundations, a capability not possessed by many competitors.

Active Scale also designs and manufactures vehicle scales to weigh off-highway trucks and rail cars, with high gross capacities and high concentrated load capacities.

Active Scale provides vehicle scales of legendary quality and value. We have vehicle scales still in service longer than many of our competitors have even been building vehicle scales!