Weigh Scale Instrumentation

The right tools to complement your weighing system.

Active Scale can supply you with any instrumentation for your weighing needs. We carry a complete line of accessories from digital weight indicators, printers and remote displays to barcode systems, computerized scale house ticketing systems and unattended weigh stations. Call for a quote, questions, or to speak with a service representative who can suggest the best product for your application.

Weigh Scale Indicator


We offer a range of scale indicators with basic to complex functions including displaying weights to process control and wireless transmission. Pair your scale with a weight indicator to complete your weighing system.
Truck Scale secondary display

Secondary Displays

We can supply a secondary display to complement any scale or application from commercial to industrial. Contact us today to find the right solution for your weigh scale and application.

Weigh Scale ticket printer

Ticket Printers

We carry a variety of ticket printers allowing you to print weighing data. Contact us today to find the right solution for your scale and application.

Unattended Vehicle Scale Weighing

Unattended Vehicle Scale Weighing

For scales that do not have a dedicated operator we can provide instrumentation to aide in unattended vehicle scale operation. Contact us today to see how we can implement this solution with your system.