Load Cell Assembly

The heart of any weighing device is the load sensing element. The Modu-Deck parallel link suspension and rocker fulcrum load cell provide a unique and vastly superior load sensing system. The double link 360ΒΊ rotation suspension eliminates off-centre side load weighing errors created by thermal expansion of the weighbridge and accelerating or braking vehicles. The link suspension promotes return to zero, linearity, back weighing and enhances overall accuracy.

The rocker fulcrum load cell is the only load cell which allows the weighbridge to determine the loading axis of the load cell. Both axes remain constant to one another in both the unloaded, and fully loaded position when deflection in the weighbridge occurs. This unique feature eliminates the main source of weighing errors for which most other systems do not adequately compensate.

diagram of concrete modu deck axis

The link and rocker fulcrum system is the most forgiving and quickest system to install, as it is simple to align and shim. Grouting is not required, further speeding up the installation.

Ease of installation, ease of maintenance and sustained accuracy are trademarks of the system, which has proven itself in thousands of installations.


A complete line of accessories is available from digital weight indicators, printers and remote displays to bar code systems, computerized scale house ticketing systems and unattended weigh stations.

Weigh-Deck Options

  • Steel or Concrete Decks
  • Top Access to Load Cells
  • Manholes
  • T Belting
  • Surge Protection
  • Extended Warranties

Sizes and Capacities

  • Widths
    Standard Module Width is 10’,Available 11′, 12’. Custom Widths Availalbe to 16’.
  • Lengths
    Standard Module Lengths are 10′, 15′, 17′-6″, & 22′-6″. Custom Modules are Available to Suit Existing Foundations.
  • Capacities
    Standard Scale Capacities from 40 Tonnes to 100 Tonnes. Custom Scales available to 250 Tonnes.