Load Cell Assembly

The Tuff-Deck Concrete Siderail Scale utilizes a Rocker Pin self restoring design load cell, 30 tonne capacity each, with 150% safe working overload, and 350% ultimate overload capability.

This load cell is manufactured from 17-4 PH and 316 stainless steel materials and is highly resistant to corrosion. The latest manufacturing technologies are utilized including laser welding. The load cells have factory matched outputs, requiring minimal field adjustments on initial and subsequent calibrations. The Rocker Pin is purged and filled with inert gas, hermetically sealed to IP68(submersion at 1 metre for 100 hours) and IP69K (high pressure steam jet) standards, is NTEP approved Class III L 10,000 d and OIML approved to R60 specifications.

Rocker Pin Load Cell Assembly drawing

The signal cable from the load cells has internal braided shield to protect from R.F.I. There is a heavy duty external braid to provide mechanical protection from abrasion damage and chewing rodents. The rocker pin load cell allows a simple mounting arrangement with one lower and one upper bearing. The load cell is supplied with a rubber boot to protect the lower bearing from mud contamination. There are no links or pins to wear out. The mount allows for high impact loading typical of highway vehicles and includes anti-rotation hardware. The rocker pin assembly compensates for thermal expansion of the weighbridge tolerating up to 5 degrees off-center loading.

Polycarbonate NEMA IV corrosion proof summation boxes are mounted on the side of the scale to protect against moisture and condensation entry into the load cell signal summing system and include a patented water proof vent system to prevent condensation forming in the summing boxes.

The Active Scale summing system is available with an optional remote section trimming kit located in the scale house allowing simple, fast initial and routine calibrations. The location of the remote calibration in a controlled environment promotes the stability and accuracy of your scale and provides faster calibration of the scale.

Weigh-Deck Options

A complete line of accessories is available from digital weight indicators, printers and remote displays to bar code systems,computerized scale house ticketing systems and unattended weigh stations.

  • Tire Guiderails
  • 8mm, 10mm or 12mm Deck Plate
  • Pit Access
  • Custom Paint Systems
  • Side Skirting
  • Tire Tread Wear Plate

Sizes and Capacities

  • Widths
    Standard module width is 10’, available in widths up to 12’. Custom widths to 14’.
  • Lengths
    Standard module lengths are 15’, 17.5’, 20’, 22.5’, and 25’. Custom modules are available in any length from 15’ to 30’.
  • Capacities
    Standard scale capacities are from 40 tonnes to 100 tonnes. Custom scales available to 250 tonnes.